Juvederm Candidacy and Treatment

To be candidate for Juvederm treatment, a patient should not have a history of severe allergic reactions. Additionally, those who have had adverse interactions with lidocaine or hyaluronic acid related proteins should avoid this treatment. Be sure to inform your doctor of possible pregnancies and all current medications. If a potential client has unwanted wrinkles when the face is in a resting position, this injection gel may be a great option for correcting these problems. Made from HA or hyaluronic acid which is found in the skin, the product is an FDA approved non-surgical filler. This means all procedures can be done from the comfort of the doctor’s office. Effects will last for up to a year so it is one of the best treatments for those who want minimal upkeep.

There must be an initial consultation with the medical professional. There is not need for allergy testing so some practices are prepared to begin treatment on the same day as the first meeting. Touch-up injections will be necessary to maintain the rejuvenating effects of Juvederm. For each follow up, about half of the amount of product is needed. There are several different variations of the gel including Ultra, XC, Voluma and Ultra Plus. Some are better for superficial procedures while other are injected deeper to fill severe folds and creases. Positive results have been studied and recorded among all skin types.