Kybella For A Double Chin

Kybella LogoUntil now there were only two ways to treat submental fat or a double chin, one is to suck it our and the other is to cut it out. The FDA has approved a new treatment called Kybella. This is a noninvasive treatment procedure that can be performed by your dermatologist. It can be done in office and has excellent results. The Kybella shot takes about 5 minutes once ice has been applied to the chin area. It can take up to 50 Kybella injections to treat the area. This treatment is not a one time visit, it usually takes an office visit every 4 weeks for up to 6 months. After each treatment the recovery time is between two to three days, and does not require bandages. Even though Kybella is FDA approved there may be some side effects.

Dr. Ken Landow says that administrating Kybella should only be done by a licensed dermatologist or health care professional and the patient should be fully aware of the risk of Kybella before having the treatment done. The FDA put out a statement that it is important to remember Kybella is only approved to be used with fat located under the chin. It is not been approved for any areas outside of the submental fat area.

What are the side effects of Kybella? Kybella works in the chin area because it is similar to your natural deoxycholic acid that your body produces to help break down fat. Since deoxycholic acid in your body can destroy any cell, Kybella injections are only approved to be used under the chin. Some side effects include facial muscle weakness and injury to the nerves. In the medical try that was done for Kybella some patients complained about numbness, pain, swelling and bruising. A few reported difficulty in swallowing which went away over a period of time.