What Is Belotero Balance Used For?

The prescription injection Belotero Balance is designed to temporarily smooth out and fill in deep wrinkles or folds that go from the corner of the mouth to the side of the nose.

Are there risk using Belotero Balance?
You will want to advise your doctor if you are taking any medications that affect blood clotting, such as aspirin, warfarin or NSAID. These medications may put you at an increased risk of bleeding where the injection was made or an increased risk of bruising.

Anytime you have a procedure that involves an injection though the skin, you are at risk of getting an infection. Chemical peels, laser treatments or any other skin treatment can increase the risk of infection. You never want to have a Belotero Balance injection done if you are experiencing a skin infection or inflammation. Always wait until the infection has cleared up and healed. You can have an injection site reaction which will inflame the injected area for up to seven days.

After the Belotero Balance injection has been administered you will want to avoid heat exposure, long periods of sun, alcohol, aspirin, strenuous activity and any type of no steroidal anti inflammatory drugs. Engaging in any of these can cause temporary swelling, redness or itching where the injection was made.

If you have any skin conditions like rashes, cold sores, hives, pimples, cysts or any other skin infection you should avoid having the treatment done until the reaction clears up.

If you are taking any medications that affects your immune system, make sure and let your doctor know.

What are the most common side effects seen with Belotero Balance?
Bruising, pain, itching, swelling, redness and hardening of the skin are the most common side effects of Belotero Balance.  Other side effects that have occurred are lip numbness and dryness, headaches, cold sores and swelling on the side of your nose. Most side effects are moderate to mild and go away after 7 days.